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We are preparing to work off-line

We are preparing to work off-line

142 foreign citizens started studying off-line at the preparatory faculty. A separate schedule has been developed for each group to avoid breaks coincidence and to decrease contacts between students. Following the preparatory faculty students of the 1st year of the II International Faculty will return to study in real form. And gradually after constant monitoring of the situation of the disease, compliance with the safe regime and the implementation of protective anti-epidemic measures students of all specialties will be back to studying off-line.

 Therefore today the rectorate which was chaired by the rector, Professor Yuri Kolesnik took place. It was held on-line by using the service There deans, wise deans and heads of departments were invited to submit suggestions for each course and specialty to develop a schedule of the educational process. The issues of success and liquidation of academic debt, completion of the session for undergraduates and its beginning for first-year students, results of the Certification of Interns were considered at the Rector's Office. 

The working situation at the professional medical college and the University Clinic was reported by the heads of departments Olga Kileeva and Elina Kotlyarevska. The meeting of the Rector's Office ended with traditional questions about the state of morbidity of ZSMU employees and financial issues.

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