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Parents of Indian students visited ZSMU for the first time

Parents of Indian students visited ZSMU for the first time

On October 6th a “parental day” took place in Zaporizhzhia State Medical University: 11 parents of Indian first-year students came to visit ZSMU. There were 3 families among them. The Rector of ZSMU Professor Yuriy Kolesnik, First Pro-rector Mykola Avramenko, representatives of the Administration personally met them.

ZSMU and India has a long and fruitful history of cooperation. Besides about one thousand of Indian students study at ZSMU. But, as usual, parents are worried for their children who are staying in a foreign country for a long time.

“For the first time, not only in Zaporizhzhia, but also in Ukraine a group of parents from the Republic of India arrived- said Yuriy Kolesnyk. - We are open for communication”.

Parents visited academic buildings, academic rooms, laboratories and hostels where their children are to live. There were current repair works before parents’ arrival, besides new furniture, refrigerators were bought as well. So, good conditions for self-tuition, rest, leisure, nutrition are created.

All parents were very glad to see that both Zaporizhzhia is a beautiful quiet city as well as the territory of University. Remotely they can monitor and can be in constant contact with the children due to the fixed webcams.

This year at least 200 first-year students from India will come for training to the University.

Parental meeting with the Rector was warm and sincere. Everyone wanted to have a photo with the Rector, parents pressed Rector’s hand and thanked for their children’s care.

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