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University Readiness for Winter Session is 100%

University Readiness for Winter Session is 100%

The conclusion on the complete preparation of Zaporizhzhya State Medical University for the autumn-winter examination session was made by Associate Professor Svitlana Morhuntsova, Pro-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work of ZSMU, during the third, final one of the planned meetings, where such an issue was considered.

"Every Thursday, as part of the end of the semester and monitoring the academic performance of students during the autumn-winter examination session, we held online meetings with representatives of deans of faculties, services responsible for technical support of digital resources of the University and technical support of control forms," said Svitlana Morhuntsova. "It helped to achieve clarity and consistency, as well as coherence of actions of all units. The basis was the execution of the order of the Rector No. 449 dated 27/11/2020, which clearly spells out the algorithm for preparing and conducting forms of control.

During the first meeting, technical issues of process organization, introduction of separate modules of electronic resources and preparation of documentation were considered. The second one was held online and had a methodical direction of preparation for the examination session.

Today, during the third meeting, in addition to deans and their deputies, the heads of departments, as well as individual moderators took part. In total there were more than 70 connections. The meeting was held as follows. First of all, the participants of the meeting got acquainted with the new Regulations on the implementation of forms of control in the organization of educational control over the blended form of education. The document was approved by the Academic Council and the order of the Rector of ZSMU. Then the deans of the faculties made a report on the comprehensive readiness for the exams, it was about the material base, the availability of relevant documentation, test scores and more.

The third block was assigned the role of moderators, their preparation was reported by Professor Alexei Ryzhov, Head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies. It was noted that the moderators will work in three categories: from the Dean's Office, from the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies and from the departments that directly participate in the session. Everyone clearly knows their functions, there are no questions."

The Pro-rector also noted that today's readiness check of all units that will take part in the process gives reason to hope that the examination session at ZSMU will be successful, with good results.

It was also emphasized to the deans and heads of departments that on December 15 the ZSMU issued an order of the Rector "On liquidation of academic debt in the autumn semester of 2020-2021 academic year", which introduces daily make up of missed classes on weekdays and weekends (Saturdays).

17 December 2020

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