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German life of our graduates

German life of our graduates

Many medical specialists change place of their work and life every year. Thus, graduates of ZSMU work almost in 100 countries. Many graduates, especially citizens of India, prefer to go to Europian countries, and Germany is not an exception. Diploma of our University is recognized by German Government and this country eagerly welcomes highly qualified medical specialists from ZSMU.

Citizen of India Dr. Pagadala Dharma Rao, who graduated from ZSMU few years ago, has his own story about the living experience in Germany. After graduation of University in 2012, he successfully passed MCI exams and got licence in India. But in two years Dr. Pagadala Dharma Rao decided to move to Germany, highly developed country in the medical sphere.

He settled down in beautiful small town Kösten with nice hospital, and in 2016, he has been doing his internship in ‘Vascular diseases’ during 5 months. After passing all exams Dr. Pagadala Dharma Rao found a job as a doctor of general practice at Diakonie hospital where he has been working until now.

Dr. Pagadala Dharma Rao shares his impressions:

I decided to go to Germany because of few reasons. First of all, there is very high level of medicine and medical diagnostics (very important for me because I am a doctor), good life quality, of course. The next reason is that I was paid for the internship. Thus, I killed 2 birds with one stone: both I verified my diploma and had a possibility to gain money  that is very important when you go to another country.

I am very happy that I got MD degree after 6 years of education in ZSMU, because it is more difficult to pass exams and find a job as a doctor if you are just MBBS.

I started learning German language in 2014 and now my language level is B2. German is not too difficult but it took some time anyway. After few years of intense work the difficulties in communication disappear, and there is almost no differences between Indian and German doctors.

I rent my house not far from my work place. Usually I take my dinner at restaurant or café, I like traditional German salads most of all. But still it is better to cook at home; my favourite dish is Indian biryani.

I also like to travel very much. So, I discover Europe on my weekends and vacations. Norway and France are my favourite countries, after Ukraine.

Life in Europe is brilliant and I found here a lot of benefits. Of course, I miss my lovely Motherland but I visit India twice a year.


And we wish all our graduates to discover the world and find a job of their dream.

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