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Traumatology Online from Motor Sich Clinic JSC

Traumatology Online from Motor Sich Clinic JSC

According to the academic calendar, the practical class for the fifth-year students is conducted by Vadym Chornyi, Associate Professor of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of ZSMU. The broadcast is provided by the Motor Sich Clinic JSC, where in the Teams Vadym Chornyi explains to students what happens in case of limb injury and what measures a doctor should take to help the patient.

If only the lecturer could meet students face-to-face, take them for patient's examination, analyze patient's radiograph together! Then they would go to operating room so that future doctors could see how traumatologists deal with bone fractures, understand the structure of endoprosthesis, the peculiarities of orthopedics, the regeneration process, and so on. And then the lecturer could assess the students' knowledge. But due to the quarantine, practical classes are carried out in a remote format.

"An algorithm has been developed," says Vadym Chornyi, "I ask them questions, give tests, show radiographs, while students read, answer my questions, then I check and assess their works. During the lectures we demonstrate presentations, so yesterday ergotherapists were presented with a great number of slides. It is all well, but traumatology is an applied science, where you need to master the theory and have perfect practical skills; it is an integral part of studying at clinical departments. If students do not see any injuries in patients, they will not be able to distinguish, say, a shin fracture from a hip fracture, or perform the necessary manipulations. That is, at this stage of distance learning, we evaluate student's success in a common way, giving grades for each lesson or test. But this is not a comprehensive assessment of what has been studied, as there is no practical component."

According to Associate Professor Vadym Chornyi, a good result of the Department work was a refresher course for doctors of postgraduate education. Ten listeners were in the group; they were given lectures, practical classes, including ones in operating rooms. Such courses in arthroscopy and endoprosthesis are organized twice a year by the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of ZSMU, taking into account the powerful experience of the Motor Sich Clinic JSC. We all hope that after the quarantine such classes will be conducted with students.

11 November 2020

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