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ZSMU gives good knowledge and connects hearts

It is a great love story started many years ago... Dr. Chintala Vamsi Yadav and Dr. Roma Paul are graduates of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. When they were very young, their biggest dream was to become doctors. Mr. Vamsi was from Indian state Telangana, Ms. Roma lived in Kerala state.

They met each other during studying at ZSMU in 2008. But at that time main goal was studying and obtaining a future specialty. Future doctors spent a lot of time with books, in library and hospitals. And once understood, that they have chosen the same specialization – surgery.

They have graduated from ZSMU in 2014, in :first attempt" one year passed successfully MCI screening test and got medical licenses. From 2016 they are young couple and both live and work as surgeons in Bengaluru. She works in Maheswara Medical College, he works in Bangaluru Hospital of Bangalore city.

We are very happy and proud that ZSMU gives not just good knowledge and opportunity to find good job but connects hearts also! Even when now Andhra Pradesh state is dividing to Telangana and Kerala, our University connects people.    

Best wishes to young family and long life!

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