Postgraduate Study: Step Towards Quality Search in Science

Postgraduate Study: Step Towards Quality Search in Science

Postgraduate study is a special field in the University life. Science chooses intelligent, motivated, ready to go through a difficult but interesting path, to obtain not only the PhD degree , but also for four years to feel great pleasure from climbing to the top of at least a small, but own scientific research in the chosen field and specialty.

"Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has a long tradition of selecting and teaching talented young people in graduate and doctoral studies," said Professor Olena Raznatovska, Head of the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies. "From the first years at the departments, teachers notice students capable of scientific research, patiently and wisely nurture them. Such a constant selection of talented young people from masters, interns and university lecturers to study allows us to receive a good replenishment every year.

Students at the third (educational and scientific) level can choose the most acceptable form of education - full-time or part-time. Some of part-time postgraduate students are mainly scientific and pedagogical staff of our university, working at the departments as assistants, performing an individual curriculum, taking tests, conducting research. It should be noted that the university pays great attention to the training of postgraduate students as future qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, who will take the best experience of working with students from the older generation of scientists.

This year 23 applicants came to ZSMU for postgraduate studies: 17 — full-time, 4 — part-time, as well as two assistants of the department, attached to postgraduate studies. All of them passed a rather strict selection, have positive recommendations, in particular, from the departments with which they cooperated. When entering graduate school, professional publications, patents, etc. are additionally taken into account.

Currently, a total of 126 students are studying in four postgraduate courses, including 83 people in "Medicine", 21 in "Pharmacy", 10 in "Pediatrics" and 12 in "Dentistry". Each of the four educational and research programs opens wide horizons for students to receive different grants — free financial subsidies for internships, research, training and other purposes with a subsequent report on their use. Those who have already used the grant offer are convinced that getting a grant to study or conduct research is not only financially profitable, but also allows you to implement your scientific ideas, get interesting contacts in the scientific and professional environment in their specialty.

Our students study at the postgraduate course for four years, mastering an educational and scientific program consisting of compulsory and elective courses, the share of which is 46 percent.

With each passing year, the requirements for postgraduate students become more strict, and the evaluation of their research on the observance of academic integrity becomes more meticulous. However, following the subject of scientific research of several generations, you can see how interesting it is at the current stage. Their preparation itself has become better. After all, only in the educational and scientific program both future PhDs and scientific and pedagogical workers have a wide range of competencies. They study such interesting disciplines as Philosophy of Science, Basics of Biostatistics and Methods of Statistical Modeling, Presentation of Research Results, Foreign Language, etc. There are three blocks of elective disciplines.

Our postgraduate students are capable and creative scientists. This year the first batch of postgraduate students completed a full course of study. To date, 9 dissertations have been defended in Medicine, one in Pediatrics and two in Pharmacy. Five authors have received their PhD diplomas, and six will receive them soon. By the way, 23 PhD students study in the first year, 33 in the second year, 28 in the third year, and 42 in the fourth year.

PhD students of all specialties (Medicine, Pharmacy, Pediatrics and Dentistry) at least twice a year have meetings with the guarantor of their educational and scientific program, where they discuss proposals for improving the educational process in postgraduate school.

The achievement is our postgraduate and doctoral website. It is filled with content that postgraduate students may need: educational and research programs, curricula and work plans, schedules, syllabi, all important documentation, regulations, useful information about finding grants, and more. The information on the site is constantly updated. The site has already found a wide range of visitors, it is already used by future postgraduate students and current students of the University."

30 October 2020

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