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New Diagnostic Technologies for Heart Diseases

New Diagnostic Technologies for Heart Diseases

For the first time in Ukraine Mykhailo Kolesnyk, Doctor of Medical Sciences, a certified expert of the European Society of Cardiology, Professor of Family Medicine, Therapy, Cardiology and Neurology of the FPE, and Stanislav Naitsev, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Anesthesiologist of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, performed contrast echocardiography with microbubbles on two patients of the University Clinical MESC.

Now, thanks to such a progress in the field of diagnostics of ZSMU scientists, the contrast echocardiography, which is a modern direction demonstrating high safety of research and gaining momentum all over the world, is available to patients of the ZSMU University Clinic.

According to Professor Mykhailo Kolesnyk, the advantages of this type of diagnosis are obvious: unlike the contrasts used in radiography and CT, ultrasound contrasts cause almost no allergic reactions and do not affect the state of renal function. The scope of the method is quite wide, one of the indications is the diagnosis of an open oval window.

An open oval window is a functioning shunt between the left and right atria that occurs in 25% of the population. In most cases, this pathology does not cause sequelae, but in a certain category of patients it can lead to a number of complications. Indications for the test can be: a history of stroke of unknown etiology, especially at a young age; episodes of paradoxical embolism; atrial septal aneurysm, as well as diving, in which there is a risk of decompression sickness.

Both patients, who were diagnosed by scientists at the University Clinic, were diagnosed with a functioning oval window, and patients were given recommendations for further lifestyle.

The contrast echocardiography with microbubbles was another step in the development of an expert center for ultrasound diagnostics, in which the state-of-the-art devices of expert class, most of which cannot be found in any clinic in Zaporizhzhia, can diagnose almost all organs of the human body. And what is important, it allows to evaluate the results obtained using licensed software, not existing in Ukraine.

12 October 2020

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