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ZSMU Dermatologists Received World Class Equipment

ZSMU Dermatologists Received World Class Equipment

The unique Dermatological Center started working on the basis of the University Clinic of ZSMU. This is a joint creation of the Department of Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology with the course of Dermatovenereology and Aesthetic Medicine of the ZSMU FPE and staff of the Clinic. Such a Center has become a unique phenomenon in the Zaporizhzhia oblast, especially now, when, unfortunately, the dermatological service has collapsed and there have been no beds for dermatological patients for several months.

The ZSMU Administration, headed by Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, has shown great foresight, initiating the creation of such a Center under the auspices of the Department, where they gathered highly qualified scientists working on topical issues of dermatology under the leadership of Professor Halyna Makurina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Dermatological Center. In the therapeutic division there are stationary dermatological beds, where patients are already receiving help with the use of cutting-edge equipment. The concern of the Administration was manifested in the purchase of unique modern equipment for the Department and the Center, which has no analogues in Zaporizhzhia, and there is just a few in whole Ukraine.

Professor Halyna Makurina notes that in recent decades there have been some changes in dermatovenereology regarding the use of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. One of the main areas is dermatoscopy. This technique of non-invasive skin examination allows to magnify dozens of times tumors or other problem areas of the skin, and to examine them for special signs and symptoms related to dermato-oncology. First of all, it is the diagnosis and prevention of the most threatening skin cancer — melanoma — as well as non-melanoma skin cancers, which have many variations. "We do not know the exact incidence figures. When the dermatoscopy method began to be used in other countries — America, Europe — the number of identified patients significantly increased, as it is difficult to diagnose them just by looking, it is almost impossible to distinguish between birthmarks and malignant neoplasms," says Halyna Makurina. "Previously we used dermatoscopes of older generations, however the quality of research has improved significantly with the help of new digital diagnostic technologies.

Now, we have an access to the world's best diagnostic technologies. And we owe this primarily to the ZSMU Administration. For our Department and the Center, the University has purchased a unique dermatoscope Bodystudio ATBM Vaster (Foto Finder), completed with a trichoscope, which allows you to magnify the hair dozens of times to study scalp lesions. This dermatoscope simply has an extraordinary range of research, it can diagnose and memorize only one particular tumor, and do the so-called skin mapping or, in other words, scan the map of human moles from head to toe. The device itself can magnify tumors, requiring special attention, point the doctor to a specific questionable place, and also allows you to monitor it in the dynamics.

The image is of extraordinary quality, which allows you to abandon even the microscopic examination. There are no analogues of such a dermatoscope in the oblast, and only a few have been purchased in Ukraine.

We also have a new acquisition — BOWA device for electrosurgery, which allows you to safely remove skin tumors. These can be benign masses, like papillomas, warts, seborrheic keratosis, which are a sign of age-related changes, or the sun effects on the skin. After making sure that the mass is benign, the surgeon can remove it with the consent of the patient using the BOWA. Now, with the purchase of such equipment, it is possible to provide a wide range of services to patients. In addition, we have a cytology laboratory at the University Clinic, the Institute of Pathology, where everything removed from the skin surface must be histologically examined. The Institute of Pathology employs professional histologists, doing their job with high quality, diagnosing, in particular, rare pathologies. So we work in a team: dermatovenereologist, surgeon and pathologist. All these are the possibilities of our University Clinic.

Understanding the demand and relevance of the problems posed by time, the department is developing. We have people, fruitfully working on modern research in dermato-oncology, who are very well versed in this issue and write related dissertations. We are members of the European Association of Dermatovenereologists in the field of oncology. We attend professional conferences on dermatoscopy, so together with the clinic staff, using new technologies, we will work with such patients."

9 October 2020

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