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Freshmen Study Ukrainian

Freshmen Study Ukrainian

The Department of Cultural and Ukrainian Studies has welcomed freshmen, beginning to study the discipline "Ukrainian Language (for Specific Purposes)" here. Among all the disciplines of social and humanitarian cycle, providing training for HEI students, it has a special place.

"Undoubtedly, the professional competence is determined primarily by the knowledge of the subjects of specialization, but improperly formed language and speech activities will not allow to master any subject knowledge or fulfill oneself as a high-quality professional," said Professor Olha Turhan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department. "That is why from the first lessons we try to draw students' attention to the perfect mastery of speech skills. Freshmen come to the University with different skills level, and the requirements of the curriculum are quite high. Therefore, at the beginning of classes we assess the level of their knowledge to focus weaker students during the first stages of the course, so that later we could spark the interest of everyone in mastering the native language."

On the eve of the academic year, Professor Olha Turhan recorded a meaningful and emotionally rich introductory lecture for freshmen. Olha Turhan emphasized the greatness of the native language, told about the enthusiasts, who developed writing in antiquity, outstanding physicians of the past, how imposing historical figures preserved the Ukrainian language and what a difficult way society still overcomes so that the native language could sound throughout our country. The professor quoted the classics of belles lettres about the language. She encouraged students to study well and always use Ukrainian, as it will prove itself useful in future professional activities.

Students in specialties "General Medicine", "Dentistry", "Pediatrics", "Technologies of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment", "Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy" joined the study of "Ukrainian Language (for Specific Purposes)" this semester. Lecturers of the Department aim not only to increase the language education of future professionals, but also to deepen the humanization of the educational process, which determines the priority of comprehensive development of the future professionals.

The curriculum of the Discipline provides not only the study of basic aspects of language norms of modern literary language and professional terminology, which will help prevent serious lexical and semantic errors in speech practice and will teach proper use of lexical and semantic resources of language depending on the purpose and content of expression, but also mastering the knowledge system on official business language, which will provide competence in the field of business papers.

In practical classes, students individually and in groups actively work on various tasks: They include editing professional texts, creating oral communication with interesting discussions on important topics of modern medicine, writing business papers of various genres on topics relevant to student life, and practical development.

According to Professor Olha Turhan, students have enough educational literature, in particular, textbooks, which were created by scientists of the Department. First of all, the fundamental publication, the national textbook "Ukrainian Language for Specific Purposes", approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for higher education students. The publication can be considered unique, because it has no analogues in Ukraine. The Department of Cultural and Ukrainian Studies contributed to this publication in such important sections as "Lexical aspect of the professional language of physicians. Lexical and stylistic norms. Phraseologized units in professional speech". Here, in particular, a large block of interesting practical tasks is presented, as well as references to primary sources, dictionaries, Internet resources on the topic.

Many interesting things await students at the Department during the academic year, and they will become even more aware that the native language is the most beautiful thing in the world. Shall they pass tests and exams well, in the future they will be able to use Ukrainian fluently.

8 October 2020

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