Project Completed, Cooperation Continues

Project Completed, Cooperation Continues

A joint project of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University and Zaporizhzhia City Council, based on caring for the health of the city's schoolchildren during the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, has been completed. Within the project more than 200 medical interns of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University assisted Zaporizhzhia schools in carrying out quarantine measures. In particular, in the timely detection of children, teachers who have respiratory symptoms, as well as suspicion of Covid-19.

This is one of the manifestations of real cooperation of the city authorities with the Administration of the University. The Mayor of Zaporizhzhia Volodymyr Buriak visited the University to express his gratitude to the Administration of ZSMU and all participants of the project. He also granted letters of acknowledgment to the interns, who worked in school teams, for participating in anti-epidemic measures in educational institutions of Zaporizhzhia in order to prevent Coronavirus disease. The meeting took place in the newly created library complex, in the presence of members of the Administration, headed by Rector Yurii Kolesnyk, representatives of the dean's offices, student self-government body.

During the conversation, it was said that the project was completed, but the cooperation of ZSMU with the city authorities and medical institutions of the city, especially during the Covid pandemic, will continue.

7 October 2020

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