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Regular CMC Meeting

Regular CMC Meeting

The first meeting of the Central Methodical Council in the current academic year started with welcome speech of Associate Professor Svitlana Morhuntsova, Pro-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work, who chaired the meeting and invited everyone to consider eight issues on the agenda.

The meeting was held in the usual online format. The participants of the videoconference paid special attention to the first two issues, as they were about the implementation of online learning, its results and prospects. It was also about the results of licensed integrated exams "KROK-1,2. General Medical Training", "KROK-1,2. Dentistry", "KROK-B. Technologies of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment" and tasks of deans and departments to improve the level of preparation of students for exams.

The analysis of the issues was substantive and constructive. The deans of the faculties, associate professors Volodymyr Kompaniiets, Yurii Polkovnykov, Maksym Shyshkin, Ivan Melnyk, summarized the results of distance learning in the past period given its course in the current semester. It was said, in particular, that both teachers and students are more receptive to the face-to-face, traditional format, however, dictated by the circumstances, the educational process is now mainly performed online, this should be treated as a forced situation, especially since ZSMU acts as a model of unprecedented organization of distance learning.

In the process of discussion it was also said that University students in general successfully prepare and pass licensing exams, but some departments need to focus more on training, to follow a clear algorithm.

Then the chairmen of the Cyclic Methodical Commission informed the members of the Central Methodical Council about the status of updating the educational and methodical documentation (on the University website and electronic resources of the departments) and ensuring the independent work of students.

Professor Serhii Kyseliov, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 and Simulation Medicine, spoke about the implementation of the DEEP-RAFT project "Doctors' Education, Empowerment of Patients, Regarding Atrial Fibrillation and venous Thromboembolism".

Cognitive and useful information on measures aimed at implementing the Laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On Education" and bylaws was mentioned by Associate Professor Svitlana Morhuntsova.

Participants of the CMC videoconference got acquainted with the information of Professor Yurii Reznichenko, Chairman of the Council for Educational and Methodological Support and Professional Development of Lecturers, and approved the methodological materials of the departments.

The CMC considered other issues.

2 October 2020

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