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Surgery: Work Hard and Responsibly

Surgery: Work Hard and Responsibly

"We took all the best experience of remote work with students last semester and continue it in the current one," says Professor Andrii Nikonenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of Hospital Surgery of ZSMU. "Online classes may require even more efforts from senior surgical students than when they studied traditionally.

The department uses modern high-tech teaching methods, for high-quality training in surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery and transplantology. Scientists read original lectures for students only with the use of multimedia technologies, seeking to provide them with the most modern materials, in particular, in video format, which are domestic and international practices of surgical interventions, as well as consideration of complex cases. We invite future colleagues to work hard, learn and reflect upon all cases, because someday they will have to make their own choices before the operating table.

Every day we hold video conferences to show photos and videos, according to the topic of the lesson. According to the schedule, students study from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., but we have to work on our disciplines over this time, especially those who are willing to dedicate themselves to surgery. Students work on surgical tests during practical classes, communicating in the chat, considering problematic issues, teachers consider in detail the answers, analyze errors and answer questions.

We, together with the staff of the Department, help as much as possible, providing enough clinical examples to create the maximum approximation of students to the realities in the operating room. However, I am sure that thoughtful and productive perception of professional information depends on each student, because they must honestly and consciously learn the material by themselves, in all available forms.

30 September 2020

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