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Center of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy as Teaching Model

Center of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy as Teaching Model

Recently, students of all courses began to study in the classroom format, starting with the second-year students in specialty "Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy". They came to the newly created and overhauled basic Center of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, located on the third floor of the hostel No. 1 of ZSMU. Its modern appearance, special educational equipment, technical teaching devices, as well as a variety of computer equipment shows that Zaporizhzhia State Medical University not only keeps pace with the times, but also ahead of it, adopting the world's advanced technologies of training of specialists, the demand for which comes to the fore.

For example, right after the implementation of the specialty "Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy" at the University, representatives of the Medical Faculty No. 3 began to pave the way to educational institutions in countries, where such training has already been established and gained experience. And when, returning from Tallinn Medical College (Estonia), they began to tell with passion, what equipment there is and how it works, members of the Administration, headed by Rector Yurii Kolesnyk, set a goal: everything must be better in ZSMU!

And now such passion and pleasure can be seen in the staff of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Health and their colleagues from other departments, as well as students, coming to the Center — during the summer break the third floor changed beyond recognition.

"Now there are all the conditions for teaching students not only theoretical, but mainly practical skills, which should bring students as close as possible to the future profession. It will also let them understand a patient's needs in the process of treatment, and see a example of necessary living conditions during rehabilitation," says Associate Professor Maxym Shyshkin, Dean of the Medical Faculty No. 3. "Students came to bright classrooms with new furniture, modern boards and large panels. A computer class is being set up now. The University purchased computers, printers, laptops.

The real pride of the Department is the Training Center, a branch of the Interdepartmental one, where they bought modern equipment for training and rehabilitation for training future occupational therapists. A separate room is equipped as a training kitchen with devices to provide the most benefits for a person recovering from diseases that have limited movements and normal life. For example, a student should be able to see and use kitchen chairs, bathtubs, rubber wheels for bedridden patients, various types of walkers, models of wheelchairs, types of canes, sticks and more.

Impressive massage room is equipped with eight tables, panel, board and massage chairs. It is important that during classes students will not gather at one table, but will be able to work in pairs, assuring the quality of the massage, and have a personal experience.

Currently, lecturers of related departments work with students on the basis of the Center, so the extra movements on the campus during quarantine are limited, and a schedule is made so that students can comfortably listen to lectures and study in small groups, in compliance with quarantine norms.

Undoubtedly, we are convinced that such equipment and luxurious conditions, created by the University Administration, will significantly improve the quality of education and practical training of our students."

Olena Chernenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Health, who teaches students in the new training center, said that sophomores will practically master the theory and methods of adaptive education, therapeutic exercises, while third-year students will study the course of corrective gymnastics and using technical devices in physical therapy.

"We have gathered modern equipment for the educational process and gaining practical skills," says Olena Chernenko. "We have fitballs, devices with balls that improve mobility, help to recover from injuries, operations. We now also have a variety of mobile platforms that restore balance functions and literally put the patient on his feet after a stroke. Many colored balls, devices for improving fine motor skills of the hands and muscle recovery were purchased. We have interesting training brushes to improve the blood supply to the lower extremities, rubber bands for therapeutic exercises to strengthen muscles. Modern equipment for Bobat therapy has also been purchased. It is a method of diagnosing coordination abilities and training for people, mainly children, with spinal defects. Earlier it was seen only in pictures or videos, now we have it. Six to seven employees of the department will work in this hall, and the same number will work in the massage hall. All students will be as busy as possible, and this equipment will be used for this purpose."

This is how the future physiotherapists and occupational therapists started their classes with great interest and intensity. And the second part of the third floor, which has also been overhauled, is occupied by the Medical Rehabilitation and Prevention Center of the University. Here, according to Nataliia Volokh, Head of the Center, Assistant of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Health, now is a rush period, as freshmen are undergoing a medical examination to settle in hostels. Students are received by employees of the center in renovated, with improved planning, offices.

"A novelty in our work is that we can work in isolated workplaces, which we create ourselves with the help of moving screens, this is very important given the quarantine conditions," comments Nataliia Volokh. "Thus, we can isolate the location of each patient in a makeshift booth for medical procedures.

To maximally protect the community from all kinds of infections, a separate reception of patients with fever has been opened in the hostel No. 1, working from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This will allow to separate healthy and sick people, because seasonal diseases are not far off.

Another novelty — among all freshmen, we have introduced a questionnaire, where they indicate the region where they came from and give answers to other questions. Also, each student gets acquainted with the provisions of the educational process during quarantine and gives written consent to comply with the appropriate algorithm of behavior. The health of every student, as it always has been, is above all!"

29 September 2020

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