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Quarantine Lifted, Anti-Epidemic Measures Remain

In August, during daily rounds of the Departments of Infectious Diseases in ZSMU hostels , where foreign students live, two students with fever and respiratory symptoms were found in the hostel No. 4. They were immediately hospitalized in the Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, where the Coronavirus infection diagnosis was confirmed. The operational headquarters for combating the spread of infectious diseases at ZSMU, which has been operating since March 12, immediately identified persons, exposed to the infections, and the hostels were closed for quarantine and taken under heavy guard, according to the protocol of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The University organized at its own expense PCR testing for all residents and employees of hostels, exposed to the infection. In the PCR laboratory of ZSMU, accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, about 1009 tests for COVID-19 were performed, including 379 for the second time, and 62 — for the third time. 87 infected students were identified. 56 students were hospitalized in Zaporizhzhia hospitals, as of today all of them have recovered. There were no severe cases of the disease that would require oxygen therapy or intensive care.

The Administration and staff of the University express their gratitude to the staff of the City Hospitals Nos. 2 and 7, the Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital for high professionalism and dedicated work.

During the intensified quarantine and self-isolation, 414 students were in two hostels. All were provided with medicines and products, the health of students in quarantine and self-isolation was monitored daily by the staff of the University Clinic of ZSMU, the departments of Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Hygiene and Ecology. Medical workers are provided with personal protective equipment and special protective suits to protect them from possible contact with an infected person.

A clear system of preventing the spread of infection on the campus allowed to detect the infection of foreign students in time — from the beginning of the quarantine strict security and sanitary measures have been introduced in ZSMU: access of outsiders to the campus and to hostels is limited, several wet cleaning and disinfection of all premises is carried out during the day. At the entrance to the University, in academic buildings and the hostels, all staff and students measure the temperature with no-touch thermometers, sanitizers are installed for hand disinfection.

Each hostel has isolation wards, and the Medical Rehabilitation and Prevention Center has an emergency room for patients with suspected Coronavirus infection, where infectious disease doctors and practitioners receive patients on a regular basis. Every day, employees of the departments of infectious diseases and children's infectious diseases conduct medical rounds of hostel rooms, where foreign students live.

As of today, strict quarantine in hostels has been lifted, but enhanced anti-epidemic measures remain until the end of the Coronavirus pandemic.

18 September 2020

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