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Experience, Youth, Creative Search

Experience, Youth, Creative Search

The educational process is a living organism, it tends to change and improve in harmony with time. All departments of ZSMU are characterized by constant development and search for creative change. Two pharmaceutical departments of the FPE have followed this path and started the new academic year in a new format, with new disciplines, and successfully integrated into the educational process.

"Since the beginning of September, the departments have been conducting advanced training courses in two specializations — "General Pharmacy" and "Organization and Management of Pharmacy" — using distance learning technologies," said Professor Yurii Riabokon. "Educational services seekers are active participants in this process. The university received letters from Kherson, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Kirovohrad regions with an application for advanced training courses. We have a good experience of cooperation with colleagues, and we will continue our studies.

As of today, the staff of the departments has started courses for pharmacists in the specialty "Organization and Management of Pharmacy", which will last for two months. This work is hard, as the main task of this specialization is not only to conduct classes according to plan, but to help future pharmacy managers feel confident and self-sufficient in the workplace, teach them to manage the organization's staff, prevent early burnout."

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the FPE, based on well-developed material on five disciplines, is gaining new experience, in particular, in the field of active introduction of the latest information technologies.

Professor Ivan Bilai, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Head of the Department, notes that all employees already have experience in using distance learning with students, and continue to improve it. The results of the academic success during the spring semester confirmed the effectiveness of this format of education, and all the interns pharmacists passed the license exam KROK-3. In addition to the head of the department, Professor Oleksandr Mazulin, Associate Professor Tetiana Raikova, senior lecturer, moderator of the department Yevhenii Mykhailiuk and other lecturers work most actively with the students.

The Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, headed by Professor Inna Bushuieva, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, searching for new areas of training for pharmaceutical professionals and the most effective way to increase the level of competence of practical pharmacy workers.

The format of the study includes lectures, during which Professor Inna Bushuieva discusses with students current issues in the discipline "Management and Economics of Pharmacy", Associate Professor Halyna Smoilovska — in the discipline "Pharmaceutical Technology". Senior lecturers Taia Khortetska, Olha Yakovleva, Assistant Olena Yerenko conduct practical classes, seminar classes, provide professional advice on issues given for independent work. Assistant Olena Maliuhina, in parallel with conducting classes, is the moderator of the department and takes care of technical support.

According to Professor Yurii Riabokon, interesting work awaits the staff of the departments in early October: more than 340 pharmacists-interns will come to the university to study. They must register and master the Teams to continue their distance learning. Our university has a rich experience in training such specialists, which is why motivated young people from many regions come to study at ZSMU. The Faculty of Postgraduate Education will meet and train such a cohort of specialists with dignity. In order to improve the competence in the use of the latest technologies in the pedagogical process, master classes were organized for the teaching staff of the FPE departments with the participation of Professor Oleksii Ryzhov, the Head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and the Latest Technologies.

The FPE team is focused on productive work and is convinced that the knowledge, professional and life experience that lecturers pass on to interns and course participants, they will be able to effectively apply in practice.

17 September 2020

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