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Reliable Lecturers, Responsible Students

Reliable Lecturers, Responsible Students

Every day, at least 15-20 academic groups go online for practical classes, conducted by lecturers of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of ZSMU. Each group consists of 10-12 people. In general, more than a thousand domestic and foreign students and interns master obstetrics and gynecology at the Department. Professor Yurii Krut, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Head of the Department, who has already given several lectures this semester, is satisfied with the attendance, and notes that 95% of students are always online.

"I am convinced of the motivation of our senior students to gain a thorough knowledge," says Professor Krut. "The fourth, fifth and sixth courses are conscious young people, the vast majority of whom know what they want from life and profession, so it is a pleasure to work with them. In the spring, they switched to a remote format, and the Teams has proven itself very well, as both students and lecturers quickly adapted to conducting both lectures and practical classes on its platform. The effectiveness of training is influenced by two factors: reliable lecturers and responsible students. We have the exact combination at the department.

Having already gained experience, we easily started the current autumn semester of the 2020-2021 academic year. Everyone follows the procedure of mandatory registration before lectures and classes. The efforts of foreign students should be noted separately. Even at a distance, they study diligently on schedule, and despite the time difference they're always online. For them, as well as for domestic students, it is important to get a complete database of test tasks that will help to fully prepare for the licensing exam KROK-2. Successful receipt of at least 60.5% of the points for this licensing exam will affect the receipt of the diploma. That's why we support students in every possible way, fully providing them with educational material."

Distance learning also has its peculiarities in relation to the system of knowledge assessment. The study of each topic ends with testing, resulting in a separate assessment in paper and electronic journal. This form suits both students and lecturers, as it is possible to objectively assess the results of the study.

Professor Yurii Krut notes the other side of the distance learning format: students are deprived of the opportunity to see a patient in person, as it was during face-to-face training, when, studying a certain topic, lecturers took them to the patient's ward, delivery room or operating room. A child was born before their eyes, and they could supervise patients. Such real components of the educational process are very important for a future doctor. "But the pandemic will pass, students will come to classrooms at clinical bases and to the Interdepartmental Training Center of ZSMU, where they will be able to practice practical skills," adds Professor Krut. By the way, the world practice of training future doctors shows that abroad it is not so easy for students to access the patient's bed, it is necessary to carry out a number of complex permitting procedures, so there is a predominance of training on models. It is worth noting that the visibility of our Training Center is not inferior to the best examples, so we will continue to use its capabilities.

It should be added that the lecturers of the Department, including Professor Yurii Krut, Professor Anatolii Zharkikh, Associate Professor Volodymyr Siusiuka and others, feel comfortable in the lecture halls of the university, equipped with powerful new computer equipment on the eve of the new academic year. Practical classes are conducted using departmental equipment. The big advantage is that all lectures and practical classes are recorded and stored in digital databases, so that everyone could revise a certain topic again, when needed.

16 September 2020

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