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ZSMU Ultrasound Machine Comes in Handy to COVID-19 Patients

ZSMU Ultrasound Machine Comes in Handy to COVID-19 Patients

An example of the powerful contribution of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University to the public health was the purchase of an expert-class ultrasound machine for departments of Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Both departments perform extremely complex work on providing medical care to patients with COVID-19 on a clinical basis — the Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital.

It has been a while since modern equipment began to serve physicians and scientists, but they have already fully appreciated the benefits of the new acquisition.

"Now the ultrasound machine is installed in the Intensive Care Unit, the core of the Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital," says Professor Olena Riabokon, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases. "The struggle for the human life of adults and children continues here, and so far there has been no such modern equipment. Meanwhile, it is simply necessary, because, using only the methods of traditional diagnosis and professional intuition, it is difficult for us to cope with such an understudied disease as Coronavirus in patients with infectious lesions of the lungs and other organs.

Working with such patients, we became convinced that traditional X-ray diagnosis is not always informative enough. Now, ultrasound studies have become different, more productive, because this device allows us to diagnose signs of interstitial pneumonia, which is inherent in COVID-19. This means that the doctor can recognize such pneumonia at an early stage and assess the degree of lung damage. In addition, such a study allows you to objectively monitor the dynamics of the disease, because the device is installed in the Intensive Care Unit, so it is possible to conduct research at intervals that the doctor deems appropriate to monitor the patient's condition. Accordingly, it is faster and more effective to apply the algorithm of therapy."

Professor Olena Riabokon noted that the device is now used in the Intensive Care Unit, where there is an urgent need for it, but it is mobile and easy to move, so it can be easily moved to other locations. Kyrylo Kalashnyk, an Assistant at the Department of Infectious Diseases, is operating the new equipment. This year he took specialization courses in ultrasound research on the basis of ZSMU.

"This device already serves not only practitioners, but also scientists of our department, as well as the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases," said Professor Riabokon. "Therefore, we are grateful to the leadership of the university for the constant care for the development of the material base of the departments and assistance to medical institutions. Infectious pathology of patients is not limited to COVID-19, it is important that with the help of the new device we already receive information that will effectively contribute to further research work of the staff of the department."

15 September 2020

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