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Preparing to Meet Freshmen

Preparing to Meet Freshmen

The Department of Social Sciences started the current academic year, as well as the university work in general, online. "Since we work mainly with first-year students and large flows will come to us only in early October, we are already preparing to meet the new generation of students," said Professor Iryna Utiuzh, the head of the department. "I really want to enjoy live communication, hold interesting meetings of philosophical and historical clubs.

Every day teachers work from the very morning, everyone has a lot of work: it is already planned for the academic year to update and publish new methodological literature, issue new online courses for independent work of students. Lecturers are actively working on their presentations, which become more saturated and meaningful. After all, the less time for communication between teacher and student in person, the better it is necessary to convey the material of the lectures and seminar classes in the virtual reality."

Professor Utiuzh noted that now the teachers of the Department of Social Sciences work with English-speaking students, who started studying in the spring semester. Lectures on Philosophy and Basics of Bioethics are given in specially equipped classrooms, and seminar classes are held at the department, also online. Of course, discussions on philosophical issues are more interesting to conduct in real time, when you can see the emotions on students' faces, feel the mood with which they try to prove their point of view to the audience. But there are many positive moments in online communication — the virtual audience is always focused, attention is focused purely on the person, expressing an opinion.

Freshmen, who will get acquainted with the Department of Social Sciences of ZSMU for the first time, will be pleasantly surprised by how interesting it is to study here, because the department is fully integrated into the modern educational process and is active in introducing the latest technologies. Here a successful combination of humanities and clinical aspects of education has been achieved, which gives grounds to speak about the high level of education that university students receive.

"Congratulations to all colleagues and students on the beginning of the school year, we wish good health and a quick victory of medicine and society over the pandemic, which does not allow to fully enjoy live communication, but encourages development and new opportunities in the educational process," wishes Professor Iryna Utiuzh.

14 September 2020

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