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More Information About ZSMU Medical College

More Information About ZSMU Medical College

Mornings at ZSMU Medical College begin with lively meetings of freshmen with their new friends and teachers. Students who are just beginning their studies have the privilege of coming to the school and working in classrooms. At the same time, they strictly adhere to anti-epidemic measures, there are groups of no more than 15 people in masks, seated one and a half meters from each other in classrooms. Young people do not ignore these requirements, because they like to feel like real students in brand new white coats and hats, and it is nice to go to classes every day, so they do not want this process to be interrupted due to negligence of quarantine regulations.

Oleksandr Huzhov, the director of the college, claims that the school year started at a good pace. "This year's admission campaign seemed difficult," says Oleksandr Huzhov, "but we nailed it, 124 students came to study, which is even more than planned, so there are reasons for good prospects and a productive educational process. 61 students started studying Nursing, and 64 — Pharmacy.

It is worth noting that last year the last recruitment of junior specialists took place in the college, and now we have recruited professional junior bachelors for the first time, so there is a situation that these two categories of students will study and receive their diplomas at the same time. This is a feature of the transition period, which arose in connection with changes in legislation, health care reforms and the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Professional Higher Education". Such changes are happening not only in our, but all colleges in the country."

Freshmen began classes according to the school curriculum, studying Ukrainian Language and Literature, History, English, Cultural Studies and more. But the rest of the students have a distance format for mastering academic disciplines. Every morning they get in touch with the teachers on schedule using their PCs. They commonly work in the Teams, which was used last semester.

The curriculum is quite rich — lectures and practical classes in Surgery, Therapy, Pediatrics, Public Health, and pharmaceutical disciplines. Traditionally, the Medical College pays great attention to practical skills, as required by the features of training such specialists. For this purpose, classrooms, offices, laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment, devices and medical instruments and materials. Therefore, both students and their mentors are eager to finally overcome the quarantine, so that the whole student community could gathered in the college and was able to fully use this potential.

10 September 2020

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