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Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry: All Students Online!

Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry: All Students Online!

According to Professor Andrii Kaplaushenko, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the head of the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, the main criterion for the distance education should be its high quality. It is in this direction the department began the school year, by multiplying efforts, because you have to work harder and harder. From 8 a.m., everyone is at work and in the learning process according to the schedule.

"The main thing is to present the program material to students so that they understand it, then learn it and be able to use it to their advantage," says Professor Kaplaushenko. "The quality of lectures and practical classes will later confirm the academic success of students, so we want the distance education to be interesting and easy to master — we use a variety of presentations and extensive video content. The assets of our department have such a powerful heritage as laboratory works, started by Associate Professor Svitlana Pokhmiolkina, now there are more than thirteen of them, they are in video format in English and Russian, and now we make it in the state language. This is an important component in educational work, because without practical training it is impossible to train a qualified pharmacist. Therefore, for the time being remotely, and after the quarantine is over — in person, we will continue to devote a lot of time and effort to combining theory with practice."

According to the professor, the analysis of the September showed: Every day more than 200 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical students of the second and third years of study, studying either full-time or part-time, come into contact with the department. This is one hundred percent presence.

"There are almost no technical problems with communication," says the head of the department. "As for the department, everything works perfectly. After all, this was preceded by a strong preparatory work for the school year, which was based on the experience of the last semester. Teachers acquired the skills of remote work both from the department and from home. Currently, all computers are equipped with video cameras, microphones, speakers, and we have three laptops. Not only young teachers, but also experienced associate professors, such as Halyna Chernega and Antonina Avramenko, learned to use the potential of the Teams program, post videos on the site, translate tests into forms, and so on. In the future, we plan to create 3D models of laboratory work so that students can create an installation for the work and virtually perform it on their own."

The fact that the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry is on a right direction of development is evidenced by the fact that everyone is united in order to organize the educational process as well as possible and at the same time increase their scientific and professional level. So the year promises to be intense, interesting and productive.

And, of course, not a single day of the current academic year is wasted, and every remote hour is worth its weight in gold.

9 September 2020

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