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ZSMU news

ZSMU news.

Online Administration Meeting

Today, for the first time in online format, the Administration meeting was held using the Google Meet, which allows to see and hear all participants at the same time.

About Reproductive Medicine Under Health Care Reformation

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine of the ZSMU FPE organized and held an All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference on "Medical, social and legal issues of reproductive medicine and effective ways to overcome them in terms of health care reforming in Ukraine".

Academician Reznikov Presented His Publication to ZSMU

ZSMU Scientific Library received as a gift a monograph with an author's inscription — "Perinatal Programming of Disorders of Endocrine Functions and Behavior" by Oleksandr Reznikov.

European Health Care System on the Example of Poland

Dear students, we invite you to participate in the webinar "European Health Care System on the Example of Poland", which will be held on November 5.

Preparatory Courses for Future Entrants

ZSMU is constantly concerned that only the most motivated and conscious young people came to master a new profession. And it always helps high school students to prepare for such a choice

Vaccination is Best Way to Prevent Influenza

Attention staff and students! Epidemiologists predict that in 2020-2021 a seasonal influenza epidemic will be added to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to remember that the flu is one of the most common infections in the world today.

Freshmen Study Anatomy Online

Strict anatomy tests students from the first days of training. It makes them tremble at the practical classes, but at a distance.

For All Medical Professionals

Our students and interns decided to make their own, albeit small, but very sincere gift to honor all those who today keep the fight against the disease.

ZSMU Academic Council Elected Head and First Deputy

The Academic Council of ZSMU organized a secret ballot in the lobby of the Sports Facility of ZSMU to elect its Head and First Deputy.

Online Meeting of Professional Staff Conference and Academic Council of ZSMU

Today a meeting of the Professional Staff Conference of ZSMU was held online in the MS Teams.

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