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ZSMU news.

Our skin needs care and treatment in summer

   The summer sun affects the skin. Specific diseases  such as photo-phyto-dermatoses “wake up”. They may cause unpleasant sensations and be the reason of various pathologies. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the skin's response to sunlight timely, to diagnose any abnormalities and to receive effective treatment.

Graduates - Pharmacists Have Made a Practical Component of Certification

One hundred and five 5th year graduates of the First Faculty of Pharmacy have completed the practical component, objectified structured practical exam  as part of the final state certification. Teachers of pharmaceutical departments took the exam at six stations. The attestation commission was headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Svitlana Vasyuk.

Final Event and Evaluation for DeepRaft

Respected doctors and students! We invite you to join the DEEPRAFT Community Stakeholder Round Table!
The event is set for 11/06/2021, 10:00. The participation is free.

Medicine. Saxophone. Inspiration.

The 5th International Arts Festival "YULA ART FEST" took place at the end of May. The Festival was supported by the Department of Family, Youth and Sports of the Kharkiv City Council and the World Association of Performin g Arts (WAPA).

Students of the Medical College are in the research field of ZSMU

      Students of the Medical Vocational College improved practical skills in pharmacognosy in the research field of medicinal plants of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. 

ZSMU Student Council Congratulated the Wards

Despite the downpours and gloomy weather the volunteer team of the Student Council of ZSMU went to give joy and smiles to children of  "Zaporizhzia boarding school" of Zaporizhzhia regional council on June 1. The students delighted the children with ice cream, colorful balls, as well as cartoons and educational videos.

Dental Students have begun to take OSCE

80 fifth-year graduate students who are studying at the III Medical Faculty in the educational program "Dentistry" began to take the second stage of the final Certification - OSCE.

ZSMU is in the top five of most popular universities among foreign students

A meeting of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine board went off on May 27, 2021. There was discussed promotion of higher education in Ukraine at the international level in 2021-2022. 

Clinical case analysis on-line

The Department of Pediatrics of Faculty of Postgraduate Education of ZSMU surprises with a creative approach to the use of the latest technologies both in the educational process and in the work of professional development courses for doctors. 

Meeting of the Central Methodical Council

A meeting of the Central Methodical Council of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University was held by the  Vice-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Educational Work, Associate Professor Svitlana Morguntsova. 

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