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ZSMU news.

Happy Independence Day

Auditoriums are ready for the beginning of the academic year

A commission formed by the rector's decision on August 3 has checked all lecture and online classrooms for readiness for the new academic year for a week. 

Textbook "Pharmacology with the basics of pathology" is already available at the library of ZSMU

The textbook "Pharmacology with the basics of pathology» is a unique publication that is a part of acquisitions of educational and scientific literature that the university library continues to receive. The Scientists of the Department of Pathophysiology with Course of Normal Physiology, Department of Pharmacology and Medical Formulation with Course of Normal Physiology, Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of Zaporizhia State Medical University worked upon the book.

The career path of Gabriel Ortega from Ecuador

The best reward for a teacher is a success of his students. And the best reward for the university is the professional achievements of its graduates. ZSMU has opened the way to medicine for a huge number of highly qualified specialists from different parts of the world over the long years of work. Professionalism of ZSMU staff is well-known in Ecuador.

The wife of the President of Ukraine visited ZSMU

The wife of the President of Ukraine Olena Zelenska has made a call to the Zaporizhia State Medical University today. The visit to ZSMU was organized within her mission to the Zaporizhia region.

The Graduate of ZSMU Has a Responsible Mission in India

Continuing the series of stories about ZSMU graduates, today we will introduce the representative of India Amresh Kumar. He has a responsible mission to provide technical support to the Government of India.

The Olympics are in the individual competition!

This year's graduate of the II Faculty of Pharmacy (Group 18) Yevhen Yudenkov as a member of the men's national team of Ukraine in gymnastics took 7th place at the 2020 Olympic Games. Ukraine scored 246,394 points in the team all-around final.



New interns of FPE ZSMU

     The introductory campaign at the Faculty of Postgraduate Education of ZSMU is coming to the end. Its course is commented by the dean of the faculty, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Yuriy Ryabokon.


The Admission Campaign Continues: the Entrance Exams for Part-time Students

The admission campaign continues at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. A large group of young people has come to pass the entrance exam.

Vaccination is the key to stable team work

The insidious COVID-19 continues to keep humanity in suspense, from time to time stunning new shocks. For example now that is the rapid spread of the Indian strain COVID-19 "Delta". It is more aggressive than the previous ones, almost triples the risk of hospitalization and it demands treatment in intensive care. It also has the ability to affect young people. Given this situation, it is necessary to constantly take care to improve immunity, and it is necessary to vaccinate, especially in organized groups, people at risk, in particular, educators. 

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