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ZSMU news

ZSMU news.

Philosophy club «Logos» invite you

On November 26 at 16.15 in the classroom № 58 III of the academic building will be held a meeting of the philosophical club "Logos" on the topic: "Problem of life and death in philosophycal interpretation".

Mom, I became a donor!

The Donors Day was held at ZSMU. More than one hundred students came to the donor point, 89 of them donated blood.

Many young people are already used to this procedure when they study at university. There is a reason for pleasant excitement, because it is noble. And students, future doctors, during their internships in clinical departments and self-study will have to see how human health can get worse because of the lack of blood products.

Partnership for development

At the invitation of the rectorate Zaporizhzhya State Medical University was visited by the vice-president of the World federation of Ukrainian medical societies, surgeon of the сenter of mammology of military medical center named after Walter Reed in Maryland, Dr. Roxolana Gorbova.


Student Day surrounded by friends

ZSMU celebrated the International Student Day with a friendly student community. The holiday began in the auditorium with a pleasant accent of awarding the winners of the traditional competition "Student of the Year - 2019". The ceremonial mission was performed by the rector of ZSMU, Ph.D. Yuriy Kolesnik.

A powerful cohort of winners, who got the first, second and third places in numerous contest nominations and received the corresponding certificates of honor, diplomas, commendations and respectable cash prizes, filled the stage. Among the best are public figures of the year, leaders of student self-government, activists, scientists, athletes, volunteers and other nominees. Victories are deserved, because their activity is in front of the student community.

ZSMU at an international NATO programme training.

Ukraine hosted the first practical training by «Organization of Security Measures, counteraction and emergency response by situations in the east of Ukraine» with the support of the NATO programme «Science for peace and security». The conference was held at the Dnepropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov in cooperation with Harvard humanitarian initiative.

Professional english is a requirement of time

Students of the University got acquainted with the presentation of the program "Medical English" at ZSMU. Representatives of the Canadian ILSC Language School and the ICEA educational agency (Cherkassy) told about the possibility to study medical english in Vancouver, Canada. It was about studying certified training programs in the areas of "Pharmacy", "Emergency care", "Ergotherapy" and others.

First successful endovenous surgery

Workers of ZSMU mastered and conducted minimally invasive treatment of varicose disease by modern methods at ZSMU University Clinic. They conducted endovenous surgery for the treatment of varicose of the lower limbs by radiofrequency thermal ablation with a modern device of «Medtronic» company (USA/Ireland) – technology «VNUS Closure Fast» Mini Phlebectomy supply and Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control.

To foreign students about Ukrainian culture

Not only foreign students, joined actively to the Days of Ukrainian writing and language that is holding on the November at the university. Foreign students (who while mastering medicine, also aimed to gain an extremely good command Ukrainian) eagerly taking part in different events connected with this occasion.

Again, ZSMU scientists visited Samsun, Turkey

Zaporizhzhya State Medical University has long been working closely with its Turkish partner Ondokuz Mais University (OMU). It is not the first time that the staff of ZSMU visit in the framework of Erasmus + their Turkish colleagues, but for the first time it was as a lecturer that participated in the project «KA1. Academic mobility» of Erasmus+ program  professor of faculty surgery department Klimenko Andrey Vladimirovich.

International information week Erasmus + in Ukraine

European program Erasmus + is one of the actual areas of international activity of ZSMU, actively develop international department and international educational center.

The past week was marked for the employees of the international educational center by participation in a series of seminars "International information week Erasmus + in Ukraine", which was organized by the national Erasmus + office of Ukraine in the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Each day was dedicated to a separate area of work of the Erasmus+ program in Ukraine.

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