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ZSMU news

ZSMU news.

Legal Issues of Modern Health Care Changing

On the 24th May, 2019 the international scientific and practical conference on the Legal Issues of the Modern Health Care Changing will be held at ZSMU.

World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims

Every year, on the third Sunday of May, the world honors the memory of people, who have died of AIDS. The main purpose of this memorial date is to pay world's attention to the problems of AIDS, HIV and disease spread decrease.

Love Our Native Land

According to the tradition, in May foreigners visit the Zaporozhian Sich, historic-cultural complex on the Khortytsia island. This event is the final stage in the study of the discipline "Regional Geography".

Vyshyvanka Day

Today Ukrainians all over the world are celebrating the day of the national embroidered shirt or vyshyvanka. On this day Ukrainians wear vyshyvankas to demonstrate adherence to the idea of national identity.

Festival of Friendship and Unity

A bright multinational festival "Ukraine brought us together" was a significant day for the whole ZSMU community. This traditional event was held at the University for the eleventh time.

Summer Practice Abroad

The period of summer practice will start soon for ZSMU students who want to get the practical trainings. Thanks to coordinated cooperation of the International Relations Department of ZSMU with other foreign universities, ZSMU students have a great possibility to practice in summer at one chosen university from the list of our partners.

Auti Rakesh Gave First Try to IFOM

Auti Rakesh, a graduate student from the Republic of India studying medicine at ZSMU, was the first one in the university to successfully pass the IFOM exam.

Notice to Future Students

Recently social networks have published a list higher education institutions of Ukraine entitled to receive foreign students.

Congratulations on Obtaining Honorary Title!

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded the honorary title Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine to Associate Professor Avramenko Mykola Oleksandrovych, First Pro-rector of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, Candidate of Science (Pharmacy).

The corresponding order signed on May 4, 2019 has been posted on the official website of the President.

The Administration, staff and students of ZSMU sincerely congratulate Associate Professor Avramenko Mykola Oleksandrovych with obtaining the title Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.

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