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ZSMU news

ZSMU news.

The anatomy tests foreign students

Senior students warn students who are younger: you did not become students after initiation, but after passing the subject - anatomy!  And they are right, because this discipline "stumbles" many of those who hope to bypass this complex science, which reveals the mystery of the profession and suggests solutions to complex problems specialists in all medical specialties. 

Scientists found out new stroke therapy

Eurek Alert reported that the National Health Institution of USA tested new therapy on animals (pigs). These experiments opened new ways of treating stroke consequences.

About humanitarian fundamentals in the context of the educational environment

ZSMU and Bogomolets NMU organized a workshop on improving the training for undergraduate students and Ph.D. within the context of the teaching of social and humanitarian subjects at medical and pharmacy faculties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine. 

Developing of "Krok" tests is a difficult task

Olha Melnikova, who is an associate professor of the Department of Pathophysiology at the ZDMU, who is a member of the Committee for Expertise of the Test Center at the Ministry of Health, shared with colleagues new information from colleges, she learned at the training that was held in the end of last year at the Center.

Environment for storage of donated organs

Donated organs can be stored not more than 18 hours. Not even mentioned the fact that 50% of donated organs anyway "die" till this time. Scientists from The University of Zurich try to change this situation.

Interns are passing the practically oriented exam

Within two days, 48 interns who will finish a year and a half studying term of eight medical specialties in ZSMU are passing a practically oriented exam.

The faculty of postgraduate education offers the latest educational projects

Professional development training, pre-certification cycles for pharmacists and courses of thematic improvement for specialists offered to physicians and pharmacists by the FPE of ZSMU, covers more and more students all over Ukraine. 

Gel with stem cells for brain injuries treatment

Australian National University together with Deakin University has created a material that will help to treat damaged brain tissues after severe injuries caused by trauma, disease, blood-stroke, and many other problems.

Flash-radiotherapy for cancer treatment

The University of Pennsylvania suggests new technologies for cancer treatment. In near future patients with cancer will not have to take long term therapy courses. According to The Daily Mail materials with the new technology cancer treatment will last just few seconds.

Successful examination session

The examination session is continuing at our university. For several days have been last examinations at departments that pass to a traditional system of knowledge evaluation for students of the first, second and third year.

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