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Strengthening of Anti-Epidemic Measures to Prevent Acute Respiratory Disease COVID-19 on Territory of University

On April 9 of this year, a "red" level of epidemiological danger of COVID-19 spread has been established in the Zaporizhzhia oblast.
This fact forced the Administration to introduce additional restrictive anti-epidemic measures to prevent the carrying and spread of acute respiratory disease caused by the Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 at the University.

Step by step in scientific research

Sixth-year student Elizaveta Bazun has become the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the fields of knowledge and specialties in the 2020/2021 academic year. 

The university clinic has successfully passed state accreditation

The Educational and Scientific Medical Center "University Clinic" of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has successfully passed the state accreditation of the health care institution on April 5, 2021. The expert group has assessed all aspects of the clinic's activities in accordance with the standards and accreditation criteria. 

Trial testing of graduates

ZSMU is preparing students for the licensed exam "KROK-2. General medical training". The trial testing of students in the disciplines (therapy, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, hygiene and social medicine) included to the license exam "KROK-2. General medical training " have taken place on the basis of the Center for Distance Education and Telemedicine today.

Questionnaire among applicants for the educational program "Pediatrics"

     The Guarantor of the educational program "Pediatrics" of the second (master's) level of higher education specialty 228 "Pediatrics", head of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases ZSMU, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Elena Usachova organized the questionnaire among students of "Pediatrics". The purpose of it was to find out the applicants’ problems connected with the implementation of the Educational Program "Pediatrics", to find out their opinion about the availability of knowledge and their quality. 

Surgery relieves heartburn

This year specialists of the multidisciplinary surgical department of the University Clinic of ZSMU in cooperation with the staff of the Department of Faculty Surgery of the University have successfully mastered the technique of antireflux surgery on the esophagus ARMS in the treatment of refractory gastro esophageal reflux disease. Such pathology is accompanied with uncontrollable heartburn if there is no effect of drug treatment. It can reduce gastric acidity. 

About educational programs of pharmaceutical direction

   The second meeting of the project group for the development of two educational programs of pharmaceutical direction have taken place. It was devoted to the cooperation with employers of future pharmaceutical staff. In addition, the plan of further preparation for accreditation of educational programs "Pharmacy" and "Technology of perfumes and cosmetics" specialty 226 "Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy" was highlighted.

Nature at the service of health

  The ZSMU library together with the Department of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Botany conducts thematic literature reviews and Information Days every year. The reading room constantly exhibits literature from the library's collection. The literature is devoted to the studied and researched topics of the department. Teachers talk about their scientific experience and teaching career. The traditional live form is relevant and interesting, but this year it have been transformed and integrated in the digital environment due to the quarantine situation.

Laboratory diagnostics: science and practice

  The world celebrates the International Day of Laboratory Diagnostics on April 15. Laboratory diagnostics is one of the priority areas of medical activity, the foundation of evidence-based and personalized medicine.

Modern aspects of medicine and pharmacy -2021

The All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students with international participation "Modern aspects of medicine and pharmacy - 2021" has taken place at ZSMU. The format is on-line based on the MS Teams platform. The fact that the event attracted the attention of a wide range of participants is proved by more than 450 connections of visitors during the broadcast. 

Meetings of Cycle methodical commissions

Regular meetings of nine Cycle Methodical Commissions of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University with full visualization in synchronous on-line mode based on MS Teams took place on April 15.

New research in the laboratory of the University Clinic

Specialists of the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory of the "University Clinic" began to determine the concentration of vitamin D in the blood serum and determine antibodies to HIV type I and II by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, which are very relevant and in demand. This fact emphasizes the high image of the laboratory, which operates in accordance with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 15189:2012 "Medical laboratories. Requirements for quality and competence ".

Preparation for the 2021-2022 academic year

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is actively preparing planning documentation for the 2021-2022 academic year. Educational programs for training students such as "Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Laboratory Diagnostics", "Dentistry", "Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy", "Pharmacy", "Perfume and Cosmetics Technology" are discussed

Happy Ramadan!

Work at the standard of professional pre-higher education

Acting Director of the Medical Vocational College Olga Kileeva headed the subcommittee of the sector of professional pre-higher education of the educational and methodical council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the direction of "226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy". 

Studying at the School of Young Teachers is coming to the end

The school of young teachers as one of the forms of professional development of scientific and pedagogical workers of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University completes its work in the current academic year 14th of April. 

Hope for the patients with Parkinson's disease

The Parkinson's disease is different from numerous neurological diseases. It is a chronic progressive neurological disease with movement disorders. Of course, the development of the disease significantly affects not only the quality of life of a patient, but also a patient’s family.

Meeting in preparation for KROK-2. "Dentistry"

The meeting in the implementation and planning of measures to prepare students of the fifth year of training "Dentistry" for licensing exams KROK-2 was held according to the set of measures for the organization of the educational process at ZSMU in 2020-2021 academic year.

New book acquisitions to the ZSMU library

    New book acquisitions to the library fund are always a pleasant event for library staff and readers.The university library has received  595 copies of educational and scientific literature in March. These are books of psychiatry, drug technology, medical and pharmaceutical informatics.

"Smart"-diagnosis for patients of the University Clinic of ZSMU

The world's smallest ultrasound scanner is already used in the cardiology department of the University Clinic. Modern portable ultrasound scanner Vscan of the company General Electric helps doctors to monitor patients with severe diseases daily. 


Performance review of students of the II medical faculty

The performance review  of students studying 222 "Medicine" ("Master"), 228 "Pediatrics", 7.12010002 "Pediatrics" and 224 "Technologies of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment" ("Master" and “Bachelor”) has begun at the II Medical Faculty on April 5, 2021

Student international scientific and practical conference

Dear students!

The partner of the University - Utena University of Applied Sciences invites you to participate in the conference, which will be held on-line on May 2, 2021. The purpose of the conference is to encourage students to share theoretical and practical knowledge, present research results according to conference topics, share impressions, experiences and innovative ideas.

Happy Easter

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