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ZSMU is well-known in Ukraine and all over the world

ZSMU is the preparation center of highly qualified
specialists for Ukraine and foreign countries

ZSMU is an active participant in international projects
and a member of international associations

ZSMU has a scientific and academic medical center “University clinic”

ZSMU provides students with the necessary
accommodation for living, studying and leisure

Mentors are met with international students

At the Department of Pharmacology and Medical Recipe of ZSMU there was a meeting of students from the Republic of India, living in the dormitory number 2, with their curators. 

Made children more happy

Activists of students body and ZSMU student amateur activity club are visited « Zaporizhzhya boarding school on the occasion » of the International Day of people with Disabilities of Zaporizhzhya regional board.

Clinical competition in the virtual environment was held at ZSMU

On bases of ZSMU at the interdisciplinary training center was held a clinical competition in a virtual environment with utilizing of virtual patient “ Virtual Patient Challenge ''. Such completion was held in Ukraine for the first time. At this event took part in student teams from Higher Education Institutions of Lviv, Luhansk, Dnipro, Poltava, Cherkasy.

Colleagues from Uzbekistan visited ZSMU

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University receives a delegation from Uzbekistan. Head of The Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Executive Secretary of Admission Committee of Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Sadriddin Saifullayevich Pulatov and Assistant Professor of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Inspector of Admission Committee, Bahodirzhon Sharipovich Samadov.

Educational troop at educational at ZSMU

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is a recognized leader among Higher Educational Institutions of our region that is why events, that are organized at our university for the introduction of interesting educational technologies, attract the attention of our colleagues from other higher educational institutions of Zaporizhzhia region and other regions of Ukraine. Such big interest was also aroused by the marathon for professors qualification upgrading ” Educational Troop. Performance of educational master-classes ” that was organized and held by the assistance of ZSMU Rectorate, The Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens.

Educational campaign for HIV/AIDS prevention

At Zaporizhzhia State, Medical University was organized an educational campaign to celebrate World AIDS Day. The event was organized with the support of the Student Body, the representatives of UMSA (Ukrainian Medical Student Association) and Charitable Organization “ Merezha 100 vidsotkiv zhyttya. Zaporizhzhia (Network 100% of Life Zaporizhzhia). Organizers wanted, in such way, to attract students’ attention to the HIV/AIDS problem and raise awareness concerning this issue.

Successful adaptation of foreign students

At the center for the training of foreign citizens of the university, the life of young people who have come to us to acquire a medical education is constantly intense. Many newcomers arrived at this fall and the curators of the groups strive to adapt foreign listeners to the new environment as quickly as possible.

Got knowledge, certificates and motivation!

Twelve teachers from ZSMU were trained at the simulation training center of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University named after Nicolae Testemitanu of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau. 

ZSMU scientists get new knowledge in Switzerland

Bukovyna State Medical University with the support of the Ukrainian- Switzerland project  «Medical Education Development/MED» which is implemented by the Switzerland institute of public health (Swiss TPH), which was funded by the Switzerland agency for development and cooperation - SDC, initiated the "Autumn school of medical education".

ZSMU students prepare for an objective structured clinical examination

The sixth year students of ZSMU, who study medicine, have started to prepare for OSCE. The exam for graduates will be held in June next year, but they have already started to prepare now. Practical skills they are trained at the training center. 

New audiences - positive emphasis

Pleasant novelties delight students throughout the academic year. The University Rectorate, knowing that the high productivity of teaching students and teachers is largely dependent on comfortable conditions, pays great attention to the arrangement of educational buildings, classrooms, laboratories and more.

The ZSMU community celebrated the day of dignity and freedom

Today Ukraine celebrates the unforgettable dates of two revolutions  -  the orange revolution (2004) and the revolution of dignity (2013). 

Meeting of history discussion club "Clio"

On November 28 at 16.15 in classroom number 59 (anatomical building) will be held a meeting of the discussion historical club "Clio". The theme of the session is "History of Ukrainian national and state symbols". We invite all who are interested.

Meeting of anatomical group

The department of human anatomy, operative surgery and topographic anatomy invites you to the next meeting of the anatomic club, which will be held on Thursday, November 28. It will begin at 16.15. The meeting will traditionally be held in the Museum of Anatomy.

Frankly about the main thing

The first of the traditional meetings of the rectorate with the students of the final year of study took place in an interesting, friendly and constructive atmosphere. The Rectorate of ZSMU organizes such meetings every year to explain to the graduates the peculiarities of graduation, exams, waiting for them, and other issues. In addition to the usual list of questions this year, there are also reforms of internship.

Philosophy club «Logos» invite you

On November 26 at 16.15 in the classroom № 58 III of the academic building will be held a meeting of the philosophical club "Logos" on the topic: "Problem of life and death in philosophycal interpretation".

Mom, I became a donor!

The Donors Day was held at ZSMU. More than one hundred students came to the donor point, 89 of them donated blood.

Many young people are already used to this procedure when they study at university. There is a reason for pleasant excitement, because it is noble. And students, future doctors, during their internships in clinical departments and self-study will have to see how human health can get worse because of the lack of blood products.

Partnership for development

At the invitation of the rectorate Zaporizhzhya State Medical University was visited by the vice-president of the World federation of Ukrainian medical societies, surgeon of the сenter of mammology of military medical center named after Walter Reed in Maryland, Dr. Roxolana Gorbova.


Preventive health check-up: we'll be healthy!

Today, at the university medical rehabilitation and prevention center,  started the medical examination of ZSMU employees.  Already in the morning a team of highly qualified specialists of "University clinic" started working.

Student Day surrounded by friends

ZSMU celebrated the International Student Day with a friendly student community. The holiday began in the auditorium with a pleasant accent of awarding the winners of the traditional competition "Student of the Year - 2019". The ceremonial mission was performed by the rector of ZSMU, Ph.D. Yuriy Kolesnik.

A powerful cohort of winners, who got the first, second and third places in numerous contest nominations and received the corresponding certificates of honor, diplomas, commendations and respectable cash prizes, filled the stage. Among the best are public figures of the year, leaders of student self-government, activists, scientists, athletes, volunteers and other nominees. Victories are deserved, because their activity is in front of the student community.

ZSMU at an international NATO programme training.

Ukraine hosted the first practical training by «Organization of Security Measures, counteraction and emergency response by situations in the east of Ukraine» with the support of the NATO programme «Science for peace and security». The conference was held at the Dnepropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov in cooperation with Harvard humanitarian initiative.

Professional english is a requirement of time

Students of the University got acquainted with the presentation of the program "Medical English" at ZSMU. Representatives of the Canadian ILSC Language School and the ICEA educational agency (Cherkassy) told about the possibility to study medical english in Vancouver, Canada. It was about studying certified training programs in the areas of "Pharmacy", "Emergency care", "Ergotherapy" and others.

First successful endovenous surgery

Workers of ZSMU mastered and conducted minimally invasive treatment of varicose disease by modern methods at ZSMU University Clinic. They conducted endovenous surgery for the treatment of varicose of the lower limbs by radiofrequency thermal ablation with a modern device of «Medtronic» company (USA/Ireland) – technology «VNUS Closure Fast» Mini Phlebectomy supply and Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control.

To foreign students about Ukrainian culture

Not only foreign students, joined actively to the Days of Ukrainian writing and language that is holding on the November at the university. Foreign students (who while mastering medicine, also aimed to gain an extremely good command Ukrainian) eagerly taking part in different events connected with this occasion.

Again, ZSMU scientists visited Samsun, Turkey

Zaporizhzhya State Medical University has long been working closely with its Turkish partner Ondokuz Mais University (OMU). It is not the first time that the staff of ZSMU visit in the framework of Erasmus + their Turkish colleagues, but for the first time it was as a lecturer that participated in the project «KA1. Academic mobility» of Erasmus+ program  professor of faculty surgery department Klimenko Andrey Vladimirovich.

International information week Erasmus + in Ukraine

European program Erasmus + is one of the actual areas of international activity of ZSMU, actively develop international department and international educational center.

The past week was marked for the employees of the international educational center by participation in a series of seminars "International information week Erasmus + in Ukraine", which was organized by the national Erasmus + office of Ukraine in the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Each day was dedicated to a separate area of work of the Erasmus+ program in Ukraine.

Experience of Tallinn Medical College will be needed at ZSMU

Recently, Tallinn Medical College (Tallinn, Estonia) held a scientific and practical event called "International Week of Tallinn Medical College". The organizers of the meeting gathered representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Jordan, Finland and Turkey. The participants of the conference actively talked about the educational process and students' clinical practice.

ZSMU invites for Open House Day!

ZSMU will hold Open House Day at 11.00 AM on December 14th . We invite future enrollees, their parents and all who wishes to come and see our institution with their own eyes, see the Rector, visit auditoriums, laboratories, anatomical museum and know more about next admission board.


The meeting with students that passed IFOM successfully

This year students had very important testing. It was the exam of International Foundations of Medicine (IFOM). This is a difficult exam that is required grounded knowledge, as the content of examination task include issues of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychology, midwifery and gynecology, etc.  Students from all over the world should know all issues that are checked at the exam at the final stage of education at university. is a program for creative young people

Scholarship program is being taken place again. To know more about the program and its participation conditions you can at the presentation that will be held on November 13th at 16.30 at auditorium №11 ( dormitory №5 ),ZSMU, avenue Mayakovskogo,24-a.

The language tournament for foreign students

“Language connects nations of the world” under this motto of the Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens ZSMU joined a range of events on occasion of celebration of the Ukrainian writing and language. These events have taken place for the whole November at the university.

ZSMU scientists are gaining experience of cells culture laboratories.

ZSMU scientists seek to keep up with times and introduce modern Ukrainian and global technologies at the university. Today modern technologies tend to in vitro research activity, that supposed work with cell cultures. That is why on the initiative of Prof. Yuriy Kolesnik, the rector of ZSMU,we decided to create a cell culture laboratory at ZSMU. We have passed from the step of the idea discussion to its realization, we began with the studying of experience both Ukrainian and foreign scientific institutions,where such technologies are already applied.

ZSMU students wrote dictation of national unity

A range of events on occasion of The Day of Ukrainian writing and language that celebrated on November 9th is continued to be held at ZSMU. On Friday Student Society together with the Department of Culture and Ukrainization joined the annual action of Ukrainian Radio and wrote radio-dictation of national unity.

International symposium at ZSMU

On Friday was held international scientific-practical symposium «Pathology of the lumbar spine”.

ZSMU participated at the “Educational Fair”

Yesterday in the exhibition center, “Kazak Palace” started an interregional specialized exhibition of educational institutions and educational services. It is called “Educational Fair”. ZSMU takes part in this event every year. We present our elite educational institution that takes the highest place in the regional ranking and takes one of the leading places among higher medical institutions in Ukraine.

ZSMU welcomes new students from the Republic of India

A new group of young students from far India came to ZSMU for studying. More than a hundred new students came to us just a few days ago. Some of them were accompanied by their parents, who wanted to see with their own eyes where their children will live and earn a degree. They had barely set foot on the campus,when realized that ZSMU will become a good home for their children,from now and till the graduation day.

Magna Charta Universitatum anniversary

Recently members of Magna Charta Universitatum gather together once again to celebrate 31th anniversary of this document at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada).

Virtual Patient Challenge

Unfortunately, for becoming a good and high-demand specialist in the medical field, you need to be not only a hardworking student. For achieving this level, you also need many hours of practice. But for medical students practice is usually something boring and unpleasant. However, your practice shouldn't be like that. If you want to take part in a cool practice, you should participate in a clinical competition program — Virtual Patient Challenge.

Everything is possible if you eager

Everyone can make dream comes true. If you do want to become a high qualified doctor but don’t have possibility, never give up. Now thanks to our partner Neo Group Indian students can get scholarships from government for studying at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

We invite you to the seminar "Medical English in Canada"

Exam for teachers — rating evaluation of departments

A distinctive feature of the week, of course, is the work to determine the rating performance of departments and teachers of the University in 2019. Today, the rating commission, approved by the order of the rector, which is traditionally guided by the regulations on the rating system, started its work. It will work for a week. The analysis of the complex activity of the departmental collectives is the thirteenth.

The new lineup of the student body was chosen

For the first time at the election of members of main student government authority were used the method of quota sampling. This method ensures that the representatives of all faculties and specialties get membership in the Student body. Candidates of the ballot paper were very worthy and authoritative in a student society. For every candidate were cast at least several hundred votes. Counting commission of student body election handle overall ballot papers and announce the results of the election that were held on the 24th of October.

About bodies at Body Worlds

This autumn for the first time to the capital of Ukraine came a world-wide famous exhibition of human bodies—Body Worlds. Workers of the Department of Human Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of ZSMU with 38 students of second, third and fourth academic years came to Kyiv for visiting this unique exposition.

MEDCONQUEST Gathered Together Clever and Skilled Students

On October 19, the Anteverto team at ZSMU held the traditional MEDCONQUEST, which became the fifth one. This time the walls of our university united 2 teams from Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy and 2 teams from ZSMU.

Global leaders of implantation and plastic surgery conducted lectures at ZSMU

Students, practicing doctors, interns of the dental department had a unique possibility to visit lectures of authoritative specialists of different medical fields. Professors Mariusz Duda and Cristoffer Ingves who are not only successfully practise in many countries but also lecturing in leading medical universities accepted the invitation of Administration of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

ZSMU joins an educational BMJ platform

Recently ZSMU got exclusive access to an educational platform of BMJ thanks to our partner NeoGroup.  It will help not only improve the scientific and educational base of the university but also will give students a unique possibility to become a highly qualified and competitive specialist in both the Ukrainian and world labor markets.


Establishing cooperation with Canada

Within the framework of cooperation between Ukraine and Canada, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University was visited by representative Canadore College (North Bay, Ontario, Canada) Vladimir Shekhovtsov.

Testing center under The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine informs

National Board of USA examinations who developed IFOM Basic Science exam gave personal reports of students' academic performance. Every report includes a general results exam, his knowledge in separate content units according to the exam structure that shows strong and weak sides of student competence. It also compares his level of knowledge with metrics of the international comparison group. Additional information concerning grade interpretation particularly information concerning international comparison group can be founded in Manual of grade interpretation for IFOM BSE exam that is accessible at the link.

ZSMU-China Science and experience exchange

Scientists of ZSMU traveled for work to People’s Republic of China. Olga Pakholchuk who is M.D, Associate professor of Faculty Pediatry and Taras Ivanenko M.D, Associate professor of Pathologic Physiology. They both got plenty of good impressions and share their thoughts with us.

Public Outreach Info-day

On October 17 within the DeepRaft project the representatives of ZSMU conducted the VTE and AF info-day for patients at the City Hospital of Urgent and Emergency Medical Services.

Third International Conference in Cyprus

On October 11-12 in the city Nicosia, Cyprus with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus on the basis of the Pedagogical Institute of the International University of Cyprus held the III International conference "Literacy and Contemporary Society: Identities, Texts, Institutions".

Partnership for experience exchange

Partnership with international partners opens a big scope for scientific activity development, communication, and experience exchange for ZSMU scientists.

ZSMU oncologists at the ESMO congress

Workers of the ZSMU Department of Oncology and Surgical Oncology take part in ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) congress every year. It’s a good school of best global experience that gives the opportunity to constantly upgrade oncology teaching to students according to modern international models of diagnosis and treatment and also introduce learned knowledge in practical medicine.

Participation in congress is a step to professional development

About grants and exchange programs in simple language ZSMU scientists actively participate in international scientific seminars and symposiums. Recently Oleksiy Polkovnikov who is an Associate Professor of catastrophe medicine, military medicine, and neurosurgery department of ZSMU, came back from XIX European Congress of neurosurgeons (EANS), that was held in Dublin. He made a report about the Treatment of complicated aneurismal internal bleeding.

About grants and exchange programs in simple language

About grants and exchange programs in simple language Participation in international projects and grant programs is one of the prior direction of international activity development in ZSMU. At the presentation of Window on America center our workers of international educational center got answers on such questions as :Where to look for information about grants, how to apply, what exchange and support programs are available for students, scientists in Ukraine and many others.

Master class for dentists.

The department of therapeutic, orthopedic and pediatric dentistry organized presentation and masterclass about “Modern methods and materials for oral cavity illness prophylaxis on a base of Zaporizhzhia state medical university hospital.

Onam Celebration

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is alma mater not only for Ukrainian citizens. We are proud to be a home for people from different parts of the world. We have 2000 international students from 42 countries. This September our dear Indian students celebrated Onam. It's a very big and popular event for the Kerala state citizens.

Dear Students of ZSMU!

We invite you to participate in the TAME project (Erasmus +) to study medicine on medical errors in a safe environment. Please send your applications till 15th of October!

Treatment of Joint Pathology and Replacement: New Knowledge and Ideas

In the last years, traumatology and orthopedics have got huge progress. So today any complicated fracture or joint disease is not a verdict, as many special techniques were developed, big treating experience was gained for helping them to return a joy of life.


Erasmus+ Mobility in Ondokuz Mayis University

Take your chance to participate in mobility activities in Turkey with Erasmus+ program.


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