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ZSMU is well-known in Ukraine and all over the world

ZSMU is the preparation center of highly qualified
specialists for Ukraine and foreign countries

ZSMU is an active participant in international projects
and a member of international associations

ZSMU has a scientific and academic medical center “University clinic”

ZSMU provides students with the necessary
accommodation for living, studying and leisure

ZSMU volunteers invite you to a charitable affair

The ZSMU Student Council Volunteer Sector is starting an interesting and useful project - a weaving of camouflage nets for the Army Medical Service.


ZSMU student community joined European Association

This year the ZSMU student community joined the European Medical Student Association (EMSA). This event opened up new development paths for our university: student exchanges, participation in international and European conferences, publications in international scientific journals, defense of our rights at the European Youth Council level, etc.

Unique System of Vision Correction ReLEx SMILE in ZSMU Ophthalmology Department

The staff of ZSMU ophthalmology department headed by M.D Professor Natalia Zavgorodna is the first team in Ukraine who got this unique opportunity to perform vision correction with innovative system SMILE.

From France with New Experience

Assistant professor of catastrophe medicine, of military medicine and neurosurgery department of ZSMU Oleksiy Polkovnikov, has successfully passed training in Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier (France).

Mitacs Internship - Valuable Experience

If you are smart and devoted to the chosen profession show yourself to the world with the Mitacs Globalink, as one of ZSMU’s students did. The Administration congratulates Olga Svyntozelska with the successful research activity in Canada!

EACEA Marked TAME as "Very good"

EACEA finished assessment of TAME project. All the results and outputs are considered to be the highest quality. We congratulate the TAME Consortium and everyone who was involved in the project!

Recruitment Campaign in India Continues

Recently, representatives of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, in cooperation with the partner Neo Group, have actively started recruitment campaign of applicants from India.

ZSMU Celebrated India's Independence Day

Today, ZSMU students and staff celebrated the Independence Day of India in the Indian Cultural Center.

Important Information Regarding IFOM

The Working Group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine conducted an analysis of the International Medical Essential Examination (IFOM). Due to numerous and widespread violations of the standards of integrity and the rules of passing the exam, the success of IFOM 2019 will not affect the student's fate. All students who have passed the exam and have not been involved in the violations must be transferred to the 4th year of study. You may find detailed information at the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

Congratulations on Obtaining Honorary Title!

We are pleased to announce that a citizen of India Dr. Divya Sunitha Raj, who graduated our University in 2009, has been awarded the title of the Vaidya Ratna in Medical Education for her great contribution to medical education and healthcare services and innovations. We sincerely congratulate her on this achievement. The award was presented by the Honorable Mr. Etela Rajender, who is the current Health Minister of Telangana State, India.

We are proud that Mrs. Divya has reached such heights, and we wish all our graduates not to stop at their achievement after graduation, but to strive for continuous self-improvement, just like Mrs. Divya.

International Exchanges: Firm Basis for Future Projects

ZSMU continues to actively participate in the Erasmus+ project. Within the framework of the program, Ms. Rūta Jurgelionienė and Ms. Danguolė Šakalytė, Erasmus+ Office coordinators of Utena University of Applied Sciences, visited ZSMU.

Important Information about Retaking IFOM

To the attention of the students who have passed the IFOM exam.

The approximate date for the exam results announcement is 06/08/2019. Please, read the full article to see details and additional information about retaking the exam.

Erasmus+ Mobility in Ondokuz Mayis University

Take your chance to participate in mobility activities in Turkey with Erasmus+ program.


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