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ZSMU is well-known in Ukraine and all over the world

ZSMU is the preparation center of highly qualified
specialists for Ukraine and foreign countries

ZSMU is an active participant in international projects
and a member of international associations

ZSMU has a scientific and academic medical center “University clinic”

ZSMU provides students with the necessary
accommodation for living, studying and leisure

The anatomy tests foreign students

Senior students warn students who are younger: you did not become students after initiation, but after passing the subject - anatomy!  And they are right, because this discipline "stumbles" many of those who hope to bypass this complex science, which reveals the mystery of the profession and suggests solutions to complex problems specialists in all medical specialties. 

Scientists found out new stroke therapy

Eurek Alert reported that the National Health Institution of USA tested new therapy on animals (pigs). These experiments opened new ways of treating stroke consequences.

About humanitarian fundamentals in the context of the educational environment

ZSMU and Bogomolets NMU organized a workshop on improving the training for undergraduate students and Ph.D. within the context of the teaching of social and humanitarian subjects at medical and pharmacy faculties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine. 

Developing of "Krok" tests is a difficult task

Olha Melnikova, who is an associate professor of the Department of Pathophysiology at the ZDMU, who is a member of the Committee for Expertise of the Test Center at the Ministry of Health, shared with colleagues new information from colleges, she learned at the training that was held in the end of last year at the Center.

Environment for storage of donated organs

Donated organs can be stored not more than 18 hours. Not even mentioned the fact that 50% of donated organs anyway "die" till this time. Scientists from The University of Zurich try to change this situation.

Interns are passing the practically oriented exam

Within two days, 48 interns who will finish a year and a half studying term of eight medical specialties in ZSMU are passing a practically oriented exam.

The faculty of postgraduate education offers the latest educational projects

Professional development training, pre-certification cycles for pharmacists and courses of thematic improvement for specialists offered to physicians and pharmacists by the FPE of ZSMU, covers more and more students all over Ukraine. 

Gel with stem cells for brain injuries treatment

Australian National University together with Deakin University has created a material that will help to treat damaged brain tissues after severe injuries caused by trauma, disease, blood-stroke, and many other problems.

Flash-radiotherapy for cancer treatment

The University of Pennsylvania suggests new technologies for cancer treatment. In near future patients with cancer will not have to take long term therapy courses. According to The Daily Mail materials with the new technology cancer treatment will last just few seconds.

Successful examination session

The examination session is continuing at our university. For several days have been last examinations at departments that pass to a traditional system of knowledge evaluation for students of the first, second and third year.

A paralyzed man started to walk in exo-skeleton

Within the collaboration of the center of biotechnologies “Clinatec” and The University Clinic of Grenoble French scientists implanted 28 years old French paralyzed man with special sensors and taught him how to control it by the power of his mind. The results of the work were published in the medical magazine “Lancet“.

Why some people don’t hear an alarm clock

Some lucky people woke up even before the alarm and some delay it countless times. What is the difference between the first and the second groups of people? If you have such a problem you should work on it hard.

Winter event palette for international students

The end of last year at the foreign students training centre seemed to be full of bright events. Training and leisure activities for young people were interestingly organized by teachers and group curators. Thus, teacher Larisa Seraya conducted an open lesson in groups 8 and 1. 

High-tech dental technology for training

A pleasant novelty in 2020 is the new Phantom dental training center, equipped with a video phantom that allows you to transmit images from the teacher's camera to the monitors of students.

Students are invited to participate in a scientific conference

Student Council invites students of the I-V courses to participate in the "Scientific Conference of ZSMU - 2020" according to the results of work in the scientific societies of the departments of ZSMU in the first round of the "All-Ukrainian competition of student research works in the fields of knowledge and specialties in the academic year 2019-2020". The conference will take place on February 6-7, 2020.

Christmas trees of our dear university

The New Year, as well as the new day, should be celebrated with love to the whole world, dear people as well as to your society and environment. One of the most important environment for us is one inside and outside of our university. That is why we have an amazing tradition to decorate Christmas trees at offices, auditoriums, departments, and halls. As big and small decorated with colorful balls, lights, and tinsel get into Christmas spirit in the air.

Lenses for myopia treatment is found

Nowadays our everyday lifestyle completely differs from our grandparents or grand-grandparents life conditions, not even mentioned the ones of our remote ancestors. It is not only we, who influenced our environment, it is our environment that influences us also. Not the best example of this statement is our health. Despite modern innovations in medicine, today we meet with numerous diseases that weren’t so world-spanning even a few decades ago. Today eye-diseases is a big problem for million people around the globe. For example, more and more children and young people are diagnosed with myopia or near-sightedness.

ZSMU and JSC Motor Sich cooperation for benefits of Ukraine

The delegation from ZSMU led by the Rector, Professor, Yuriy Kolesnik take part in the round-table meeting. The meeting was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the introduction endoprosthesis of knee joint made by JSC Motor Sich into the medical field.

ZSMU volunteers put a smile on children’s faces

Student Board together with the club of student’s amateur activity congratulated children of "Zaporizhzhia Orphan Asylum” of the Board of Zaporizhzhia region and children from the children department of tuberculosis clinic with coming New Year and Christmas. As tradition demands, they put on a play a story about The Snow Queen, gave sweets and New Year hats. Children went into raptures over this event.

Doctor’s advice for preventing colds

The medical director of Kyiv municipal health center, Otto Stoyka gave advice for preventing cold in winter

Six-year students are the first ones, who already started to pass exams

Today has started an examination session at ZSMU. It shows that students almost finish the autumn semester. Six years students both Ukrainian and foreign ones have started the examination session today. They are further graduates. They will have a writing examination on Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics, depending on their specialization.

Students will get premiums on an occasion of the New Year

One in five ZSMU student receives premium or financial aid provided by the Student Board and The Specialized Fund of ZSMU.

ZSMU students are the best at creative translation contests

ZSMU students who study at the Department of Foreign languages won several contents of creative translation. It is the result of their hard work together with professors.

Bad sides of overworking

Doctors told about the dangerous consequences of overworking.

What ZSMU does for city, region, and country?

What can give ZSMU to our city, region, and our country? First of all labor force. Every year we graduate highly qualified future workers with a well-grounded knowledge of Medicine and Pharmacy. Zaporizhzhia State Medical University deservedly one of the leading higher medical institutions of Ukraine. For the last decades at the university gathered a group of brilliant scientists, professors, were trained numerous highly qualified specialists.

Aerogel can heal any kind of bone fracture

Researches found up a new material that will help to deal effectively with a bone fracture.

Humanitarian component helps study process

Regular and the last session of education in the humanities board and educative work at ZSMU has been held with numerous representatives of the Rectorate, deans, trade committee, Student Board, Curators of academic groups and heads of foreign student groups.

Weight loss help to lower the risk of cancer developing

Scientists of the American Cancer Society concluded that weight loss help to lower the risk of breast cancer developing.

ZSMU Christmas Fair call for a Christmas spirit

Today at the hall of sport and auditorium building of the University at the big break has been conducted colorful pre-Christmas concert that had been prepared by students and professors of The Department of Foreign Languages. All members of our University know that if the Department of Foreign Languages conducts Christmas Fair, it means that Winter Holidays are coming to us already.

Extended session of the academic board of ZSMU

Today has been held an extended session of the Academic Board of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. The Academic Board has considered issues of training and teaching of foreign students at departments of our university, informatization of educational process, peculiarities of ending of autumn studying semester and fire safety in buildings of ZSMU.

Intellectual dialogue at an interdisciplinary plane

At Zaporizhzhia State Medical University constantly searching for forms and methods of improvement of subjects teaching and realization of interdisciplinary interactions at medical education. The Rectorate of ZSMU promoted the involvement of creative dialogues that would be parts of practical and theoretic study at the lectures of “Essentials of bioethics and biosafety” of specialists from different faculties. Quality university education implies the organization of the educational process in a modern interesting way that lectures for students be not just a waste of time but a creative process that motivates them to think, analyze and absorb the knowledge.

Open Day at ZSMU

Today is an Open Day at ZSMU. As usually numerous guests who wish to know more about our university have gathered at the assembly hall. The hall with 600 places was overwhelmed.No wonder, such a situation has happened every year as our medical university is highly popular among enrollees and their parents, and not only in our region.

Pay on time for your tuition

If you are a daily student and distance learning student, please note that tuition fees and dormitory accommodation must be paid by 20 December 2019 at the latest. 

Scientists of the department of language training are expanding their horizons

The teachers of the department of language training of ZSMU use every opportunity to learn new professional knowledge, develop and be interesting to their students. Recently the international scientific-practical seminar "Ukrainian language as a foreign language in professional activity" was held on the basis of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". 

Mentors are met with international students

At the Department of Pharmacology and Medical Recipe of ZSMU there was a meeting of students from the Republic of India, living in the dormitory number 2, with their curators. 

Made children more happy

Activists of students body and ZSMU student amateur activity club are visited « Zaporizhzhya boarding school on the occasion » of the International Day of people with Disabilities of Zaporizhzhya regional board.

Clinical competition in the virtual environment was held at ZSMU

On bases of ZSMU at the interdisciplinary training center was held a clinical competition in a virtual environment with utilizing of virtual patient “ Virtual Patient Challenge ''. Such completion was held in Ukraine for the first time. At this event took part in student teams from Higher Education Institutions of Lviv, Luhansk, Dnipro, Poltava, Cherkasy.

Colleagues from Uzbekistan visited ZSMU

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University receives a delegation from Uzbekistan. Head of The Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Executive Secretary of Admission Committee of Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Sadriddin Saifullayevich Pulatov and Assistant Professor of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Inspector of Admission Committee, Bahodirzhon Sharipovich Samadov.

Educational troop at educational at ZSMU

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is a recognized leader among Higher Educational Institutions of our region that is why events, that are organized at our university for the introduction of interesting educational technologies, attract the attention of our colleagues from other higher educational institutions of Zaporizhzhia region and other regions of Ukraine. Such big interest was also aroused by the marathon for professors qualification upgrading ” Educational Troop. Performance of educational master-classes ” that was organized and held by the assistance of ZSMU Rectorate, The Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens.

Educational campaign for HIV/AIDS prevention

At Zaporizhzhia State, Medical University was organized an educational campaign to celebrate World AIDS Day. The event was organized with the support of the Student Body, the representatives of UMSA (Ukrainian Medical Student Association) and Charitable Organization “ Merezha 100 vidsotkiv zhyttya. Zaporizhzhia (Network 100% of Life Zaporizhzhia). Organizers wanted, in such way, to attract students’ attention to the HIV/AIDS problem and raise awareness concerning this issue.

Successful adaptation of foreign students

At the center for the training of foreign citizens of the university, the life of young people who have come to us to acquire a medical education is constantly intense. Many newcomers arrived at this fall and the curators of the groups strive to adapt foreign listeners to the new environment as quickly as possible.

Got knowledge, certificates and motivation!

Twelve teachers from ZSMU were trained at the simulation training center of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University named after Nicolae Testemitanu of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau. 

ZSMU scientists get new knowledge in Switzerland

Bukovyna State Medical University with the support of the Ukrainian- Switzerland project  «Medical Education Development/MED» which is implemented by the Switzerland institute of public health (Swiss TPH), which was funded by the Switzerland agency for development and cooperation - SDC, initiated the "Autumn school of medical education".

ZSMU students prepare for an objective structured clinical examination

The sixth year students of ZSMU, who study medicine, have started to prepare for OSCE. The exam for graduates will be held in June next year, but they have already started to prepare now. Practical skills they are trained at the training center. 

New audiences - positive emphasis

Pleasant novelties delight students throughout the academic year. The University Rectorate, knowing that the high productivity of teaching students and teachers is largely dependent on comfortable conditions, pays great attention to the arrangement of educational buildings, classrooms, laboratories and more.

The ZSMU community celebrated the day of dignity and freedom

Today Ukraine celebrates the unforgettable dates of two revolutions  -  the orange revolution (2004) and the revolution of dignity (2013). 

Meeting of history discussion club "Clio"

On November 28 at 16.15 in classroom number 59 (anatomical building) will be held a meeting of the discussion historical club "Clio". The theme of the session is "History of Ukrainian national and state symbols". We invite all who are interested.

Meeting of anatomical group

The department of human anatomy, operative surgery and topographic anatomy invites you to the next meeting of the anatomic club, which will be held on Thursday, November 28. It will begin at 16.15. The meeting will traditionally be held in the Museum of Anatomy.

Frankly about the main thing

The first of the traditional meetings of the rectorate with the students of the final year of study took place in an interesting, friendly and constructive atmosphere. The Rectorate of ZSMU organizes such meetings every year to explain to the graduates the peculiarities of graduation, exams, waiting for them, and other issues. In addition to the usual list of questions this year, there are also reforms of internship.

Erasmus+ Mobility in Ondokuz Mayis University

Take your chance to participate in mobility activities in Turkey with Erasmus+ program.


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