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ZSMU is well-known in Ukraine and all over the world

ZSMU is the preparation center of highly qualified
specialists for Ukraine and foreign countries

ZSMU is an active participant in international projects
and a member of international associations

ZSMU has a scientific and academic medical center “University clinic”

ZSMU provides students with the necessary
accommodation for living, studying and leisure

The third edition of the catalog of on-line courses has been published

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has published the third edition of the catalog of on-line courses. It was presented at a regular meeting of the Academic Council of the University.

We have a busy week ahead of us

Eighty groups of first-year students have come for classes to auditoriums. So that the deans' offices, the administrative and economic service, and the administration in general will have more issues to solve.

Expert class ultrasound for young patients

Every year our university spends millions of hryvnias for buying the most modern equipment for clinical departments. This equipment is used to provide highly qualified medical care to the population.  

Extended meeting of the Academic Council of ZSMU

The Academic Council of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University considered the results of the success of students of all specialties according to the results of the autumn semester 2020-2021 academic year.

International students upgrade their practical skills

One hundred and fifty sixth-year foreign medical students of the II International Faculty have begun to upgrade their practical and theoretical skills in case of preparation for the final certification that will take place in summer. This period will be until February 26.

Systematic academic integrity and the prevention of corruption

Academic integrity, prevention of corruption is constantly in the focus of attention of the Rectorate of Zaporizhizhia State Medical University.  Because ZSMU researchers and teaching staff has an increased responsibility for educating students of high moral and ethical values that must be shown by their own example. 

The scientific work of students and graduates is the focus of attention

The focus group was suggested to present their ideas about the improving analyzed issues that will be taken into account in the process of reviewing educational and scientific training programs for PhDs.

Confirmed dedication to the profession

A high level of professional knowledge, dedication to the profession is always inherent for students and graduates of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. Аll institutions of practical health care in Ukraine where they work know that.  Moreover the ZSMU training was covered by the Covid-19 pandemic while doctors especially need excellent knowledge, high professionalism and courage.

We are preparing for accreditation

Preparation for accreditation of specialties "dentistry" and "physical therapy, occupational therapy" was the main topic of today's meeting of the administration. The meeting was held online under the leadership of the rector of ZSMU Professor Yuri Kolesnik.

Student scientific conference - 2021

The Scientific Students Conference of ZSMU-2021 has started today as part of the first round of the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ research papers in the professional fields in the 2020/2021 academic year. The conference was organized by the ZSMU Student Council and by the support of the university administration.

ZSMU teachers improve their pedagogical skills

ZSMU continues systematic work for improving the pedagogical skills of its teaching staff. Classes on advanced training courses “Innovative pedagogical innovations and psychological support of the educational process of Healthcare specialists” for the teaching staff of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University have started today.

We are preparing to work off-line

142 foreign citizens started studying off-line at the preparatory faculty. A separate schedule has been developed for each group to avoid breaks coincidence and to decrease contacts between students. Following the preparatory faculty students of the 1st year of the II International Faculty will return to study in real form.

Professional help to doctors in the region

Scientists of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University came to the aid of the medical community of the region again.  Due to the request of the Department of Health of Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration, the group of leading scientists of the university took part in a conference that was devoted to obstetric and gynecological service. 

5th International Health Sciences Conference (IHSC 2021)

Dear students,
The Students’ Scientific Society of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the 5th International Health Sciences Conference (IHSC 2021) that will take place on 29 – 30th of April.The conference will be hosted virtually this year due to theCOVID-19 pandemic.

Scientific and practical journals of ZSMU are included in international scientometric databases, repositories
and electronic libraries of the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, India, Morocco

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